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    Should You Be On Flat Rate?

    Time & Material vs. Flat Rate: which is better? We explain the pros/co...

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    Building Value In Your Service Pricing

    Building value during your service call is about the little things and one ...

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    Creating A Stellar Service Agreement Program

    Service Agreements should be an essential part of your growing business. Th...

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    Charting the Course to your Business

    Setting effective goals can be difficult and leave you, and your business, ...

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    Are You Charging What You're Worth?

    Charging more for your expertise can be a daunting experience, but there ar...

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    The Science And Art Of Pricing

    Finding the best market service labor price and breakeven is part science ...

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    Servicing The Generations

    Service Agreements should be an essential part of your growing business. Th...

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    Is Stress Killing Your Business?

    We have all felt stress, but did you know prolonged stress can damage your ...

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    Using Demographics

    Learn why examining the demographics of your market can help you make bette...

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    Profitable Service Pricing

    Having a profitable service rate can be tricky, but we can help you learn t...

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    HVAC Training

    We walk you through how to navigate the HVAC section of our app. For curren...

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    Plumbing Training

    We walk you through how to navigate the Plumbing section of our app. For cu...

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    Electrical Training

    We walk you through how to navigate the Electrical section of our app. For ...

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    Profit Rhino University Free Resources Library

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  • Increase Profit

    When techs are confident in their pricing & presentation, they easily build trust with homeowners and close more jobs.

  • Industry Experts

    Our industry experts have been writing accurate flat rate pricing for contractors for over 30 years.

Cutting Edge

Sheer Smith | Accurate Plumbing

We have been using Profit Rhino for many years. We shopped around ahead of time to find a program that would fit our needs. We had been using a flat rate pricing system for years out of a book and wanted to take the next step up to using tablets. Very few company's had this technology at the time. Profit Rhino was and still is cutting edge! Support is great and they actually implemented changes we had requested that have made our job in the field even easier! I would highly recommend using Profit Rhino.

One word, Awesome!

Jason Ball | Arctic Bear

One word, Awesome! I have been in the industry for over 30 years and this is the first price book that is so easy to use that for the first time not one of my techs has given me a push back. They are actually using it. For me it is easy to make changes and customize and that way it just imports all the information into Service Tzitan has saved me 100 of hrs. The images make a big difference and Proft Rhino support is world class. I actually speak to a person every time I call and they are there when you need them!

Paid for Itself!

Bonnie | Sunstate Plumbing, Inc.

Paid for itself day one! My service techs are selling like crazy.