Building Value in Your Service Pricing


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Course curriculum

  • 1

    1. Introduction

    • Introduction (4 mins)

    • A Service Dilemma (12 mins)

  • 2

    2. The Difference

    • Service Call Versus Diagnostic (8 mins)

  • 3

    3. Perception of Value

    • Where Is Your Value? (6 mins)

  • 4

    4. The Value of Foundation

    • The Value Foundation (16 mins)

  • 5

    5. Being Thorough

    • Being Thorough (16 mins)

  • 6

    6. See and Say are Critical

    • See And Say Are Critical (15 mins)

  • 7

    7. Improve Value Perception

    • Improve Value Perception (8 mins)

  • 8

    8. Gauging Your Service

    • Gauging Your Service (14 mins)

  • 9

    9. Profit Building Blocks

    • Profit Building Blocks ( 5 mins)

  • 10

    10. Establish Value by ARPU

    • Establish Value by ARPU (15 mins)

  • 11

    11. Conclusion

    • Conclusion (2 mins)

    • Quick Survey Before You Go

  • 12

    12. Handouts

    • Handout: Diagnostic Sample and Worksheet

    • Handout: RATER Survey

    • Handout: 100 Ways to Deliver Excellent Service: A Technician's Guide

    • Handout: Work Order Diagnostic Sample

    • Quick Handout Survey

Jeremy Lowe, Instructor and Author
VP of Content and Training in Callahan Roach 
Co-Author: Sara Pintilie


2 Hours |  12 Videos

Is your labor rate as a HVAC, plumbing, electrical or other service-industry contractor based on your customers’ perception of value? If so, there’s money left on the table up for grabs. 

This 2-hour introductory course teaches you how to create a better customer experience during your service calls. We walk through an effective diagnostic procedure and different tips and tricks to boost customer satisfaction. We also teach how to record customer reactions with the RATER principle and how to combat price sensitivity. These tools will help you build value in your everyday business practices and allows you to raise your rates to match that value.

What you will learn: 

  • How do we present our services and prices?
  • What's a good diagnostic procedure?
  • How do you raise your perceived value? 
  • What damage happens with hasty diagnostics? 
  • Help customers see the investment versus expense? 
  • What do customers really want? 
  • How can we help our techs build value?
  • What is ASTR? And why is it so important?

Who is this class for? 

  • Contractors who don’t know what their service ticket revenue average needs to be. 
  • Contractors who are new to diagnostics or struggling to implement it. 
  • Contractors who want to create a better value for their customers. 
  • Contractors who want to improve the perception of the value of what they do. 
  • Contractors who don’t see the value in the diagnostic process. 
  • Contractors who don’t know how to present your recommendations effectively. 

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